Frequently Asked Questions | Chat Room Guidelines

grow has been created.

After registration you will have full access to chat room admin controls.

Add a chat room

Inside your chat room you will see the button to open admin controls. From there you can fill out each field to customize your chat room as you see fit.

Add an asterisk '*' before and after words to switch to other rooms while chatting inside any chat room. Example: Meet me inside *2015 Movies*. Adding * before and after chat words turns them into links that you can click. It doesn't matter if the chat room has been created or not. Adding a * before and after words will link to you to that chat room.

Chat With Words: Word Alerts. Receive email updates letting you know there are messages waiting to be read inside your chat room, or someone is waiting to chat with you. We've added a live radio, and some flash games to entertain your users while they wait for your response. This is a fully optional service. You may unsubscribe anytime.

Log in to any chat room, for any word, in any language. Type your message then log out. When you log back in your message will be posted as a 'sticky' note. The life of any note is 24hrs. Leave anonymous notes inside any word. Billions of words to choose from!

If you are visiting a webpage that is secured (https:) the kickoff will not initiate on highlight. Instead, you can click the toolbar icon for easy access any chat room.

We've made it simple for you to accept donations using PayPal inside your chat room. If you would like to ENABLE donations insert your PayPal email inside ADMIN CONTROLS. To DISABLE donations leave that field blank. Your social profile will show as default.

Engage in stat battles with other admins for top network position.

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Room actions earn points. Register free to learn more about Network Points

If you visit on your mobile device you will be redirected to our mobile chatserve platform. We offer a global chat stream experience for anyone wanting to chat on the go. All mobile chat stream data is wiped from the server every 60 minutes.

Registered members are allowed to send a maximum of 3 shouts per day to all extension users. Any message you type in chat can be broadcast to anyone, and everyone who is using the Chat With Words browser extension. Extension users will receive a desktop notification to visit your chat room to read your message. To SEND a shout simply add a checkmark inside 'Send Shout?', type your message and hit SEND.

If our system does not detect user log in within 90 days your account will be deleted. If you would like your account to deleted immediately please email us. Include: Username.

The 'Guest Detection' popup disables all chat room functionality to prevent bots from posting spam. If you register the popup will no longer show inside that chat room for you, or any of your future chat room visitors for the lifespan of that chat room.

Inside chat, add '@' in front of any Twitter ID you'd like to visit. A new browser tab will open. Example: Hey everyone, please follow me @AnyTwitterID

Chat Room Questions

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